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Company News About Directions for use
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Directions for use

Latest company news about Directions for use

Usage and features:

The development of Bk and SD series laser cutting double-power four-claw spindle holder is to integrate the features of front-mounted pneumatic chuck  produced by our company and other related pneumatic products for improvements for many times.It has the features such as simple structure,convenient installation,strong applicability,clean and durable,reliable clamping, dirable precision,and etc,to improve operation efficiency,reduce manufacturing cost and reduce the labor intensity of workers for the enterprise.This product is suitable for clamping various pipe fittings for the porfessional pipe cutters and tube-plate machine,and is most suitable for the cutting  processing of all kinds of round tubes, suqare tubes,rectangular tubes and oval tubes,just making slight modification of the claws to cut steel tubes of all shapes.


Use requirements:

1.Before daily work,the operator shall carefully check whether the fastening screws of the claw are fixed or not,and the air pressure is normal or not.Please use the clean and stable compressed air with air pressure controlled in the range of 0.4~0.9Mpa.The air pipes bearing the pressure greater than 1.6Mpa shall be selected to connect to the products,and the air pipes shall stay away from heat and open flame,otherwise they will be affected and bring hidden troubles to safe production.

2.During the use process of the chuck,the sliding surface and friction surface everywhere shall be lubricated and maintained in strict accordance with the hints at every oil lubricating point:take regular oil filling in the oil tank of the FRL(flinders resistant line)and control the oil drip speed.

3.When the claw or roller of the chuck needs to be adjusted,install nut seat on the sliding block,and make fine adjustment through adjusting the bolts till meeting the using requiremens,take trial installation of clamp after the completion of adjustment,the sliding block can only enter into the working state after felxible action.

4.Do not modify the chuck at wil,as the improper modification might damage the chuck and unable to keep normal use.

5.Druing long periods of non-use of the chuck,do not leave the work piece clamped on it,to prevent deformation which may influence the precision of the chuck.

6.Take cleaning work on the moving parts for 2-3 times a week and chuck maintenance once every 60 days,and check the wearing situa-tion of the components,replace the components if necessary.

7.Pay attention to the coil voltage of the solenoid valve while connect-ing to the electrical control part and connect to the power supply of appropriate voltge,in order to avoid damage of electrical devices.



1.While complying with the product transportation,storage,installation,adjustment,maintenance,and use rules,if the problems,such as the products can't work normally because of manufacturing quality problem,or damages are found when unpacking due to poor lacking quality,or attachments are not in conformity with the packing list,or the storage and missing of spare parts,and etc.are found,please contact with the quality department of our company within one month from the date of receiving the goods,and please indicate the product type ,specification mnumber and date of production when sending  the information.

2.The products shall be installed and used under the environment of 0℃ to 40 ℃.

3.The installation and use of the products shall strictly comply with the provisions in the insturctions,and if you have any questions or improvement suggestions,please inform the quality department of our company.


Safe operation requirements:

1.The storage place for chuck shall take effective waterproof and moisture-proof measures,and shall be well ventilated.

2.The packages shall not be stacked,and regularly check the packing condition.

3.Enter into the installation program after carefully reading the installation instructions.

4.It is forbidden to press the clamping and loosening button during the running of the chuck,add the shield when necessary.

5.Please shut off the power and air source when installing and disman-tling the chuck.

6.The rotate speed of the chuck shall not exceed the specified limit speed in the using process.

7.Non-professional personnel shall not remove the main structural parts of the chuck without authorizetion.

8.The open flame,heat source and other facilities are prohibitied to be close to the installation place of the air pipe.