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Company News About What is a pneumatic chuck?
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What is a pneumatic chuck?

Latest company news about What is a pneumatic chuck?

A pneumatic chuck is a type of chuck used in machining and tooling applications to securely hold and clamp workpieces. It utilizes compressed air to operate, providing a quick and efficient clamping mechanism. Pneumatic chucks are typically used in industrial settings where precision, speed, and reliability are essential.


These chucks consist of a gripping mechanism, often with movable jaws or grippers, that can be adjusted to accommodate different workpiece sizes and shapes. The clamping force is controlled by adjusting the air pressure supplied to the chuck. This allows for customization of the grip strength according to the specific requirements of the machining operation.


Pneumatic chucks offer several advantages, such as ease of operation, high clamping accuracy, versatility, and compatibility with various automated systems. They are commonly used in CNC machines, lathes, milling machines, and other equipment where secure holding of workpieces is necessary.

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