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Automatic Pneumatic Laser Chuck Main Chuck For Pipe Cutting Machine

Pneumatic Rotary Chuck
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Pneumatic Chuck
Maximum Clamping Force:
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Central Height:
Weight Of Rotating Part:
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Automatic Pneumatic Laser Chuck


Pipe Cutter Pneumatic Laser Chuck


Pneumatic Laser Main Chuck

Automatic Laser Pneumatic Chuck Main Chuck For Pipe Cutting Machine
The successful development of our laser pneumatic chuck is to integrate the features of front-mounted pneumatic chuck produced by our company and other related pneumatic products for improvements for many times. It has the features such as simple structure, convenient installation, strong applicability, clean and durable, reliable clmaping, durable precision, and etc, to improve operation efficiency, reduce manufacturing cost and reduce the labor intensity of workers for the enterprise.
  When the laser pipe cutting machine cuts and processes pipe fittings, it is necessary to clamp and fix the pipe fittings with a chuck. The full-stroke chuck generally has two sets of jaws that can be opened and closed respectively. However, when it is used to clamp thin pipes or fragile pipe fittings, the stroke of the jaws is not easy to control. The processed pipe fittings are flattened or broken and the processed pipe fittings are scrapped. In response to this problem, the DF series full-stroke square hole chuck - G620DF-245 chuck is launched.
Performance parameters


  Diameter/Jaw stroke   236MM
  Max. clamping force   210KG/0.6MPA
  Allowable pressure   0.2-0.9MPA
  Limit speed   150R/MIN
  Clamping range   Φ6-Φ242MM
  Central height   315MM
  Moment of inertia   5.2KG/M2
  Weight of rotating part   120KG
  Whole weight   250KG




Model A B B1 C D E F G H J S
G620DF-245 420 315 624 662 220 60 380 403.5 245X245 444.5 18X22



  1. High transmission efficiency and synchronization accuracy

  2. In the case of the same size of the chuck, the applicable size range of the processed pipe is wider. It can be effectively used to clamp thin pipes or fragile pipe fittings to prevent flattening. Market demand

  3. The installation position of the reducer can be adjusted arbitrarily

  4. Reduce the difficulty of processing and manufacturing, which is conducive to mass production; better dust-proof effect and stronger pollution resistance



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