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Hot Selling Main Chuck For Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Laser Chuck
Payment Method:
Claw Stroke/diameter:
Max Clamp Force:
Allow Pressure:
Rotation Speed Limit:
Clamping Range:
Central Height:
Rotational Inertia:
Rotating Part Weight:
71/120/333 Kg
Whole Unit Weight:

Laser Tube Cutting Machine Chuck


Single Bearing Main Laser Chuck


Main Chuck 100r/min


Product Feature

1. High transmission efficiency and synchronization accuracy

2. When the external dimensions of the chuck are the same, the applicable

size range of the processed pipe is larger, which can be effectively used to clamp thin pipes or fragile pipe fittings to prevent flattening, break through the limitation of round holes, and the clamping range is wider and more in line with the market demand

3. The installation position of the reducer can be adjusted arbitrarily 4. Reduce the difficulty of processing and manufacturing, which is condu-

cive to mass production; Better dust-proof effect and stronger pollution resistance

5. The product is widely used in pipe processing machine system such as special laser pipe cutting machine.

Hot Selling  Main Chuck For Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Hot Selling  Main Chuck For Laser Tube Cutting Machine


Performance Parameter



Claw stroke

(diameter mm)

Max clamp force kN

allow pressure


r/min Clamping range mm Central height mm

Rotational inertia


rotating part weight Kg Unit weight kg
G360CF-130 124 0.6 0.2-0.9 200 φ4-128 235 1.42 71 134




0.2-0.9 150 φ6-242 315 5.2 120 250
G915DF-365 365 7.5 0.3-0.9 100 φ5-362 465 31.7 333 531


Dimension parameters


Model A B B1 C D E F G H I J K R S
G360CF-130 430 235 440 620 120 80 368 272 130 200 324 / 12-M6 18X33
G620DF-245 420 315 624 662 220 60 380 403.5 245 / 444.5 / / 18X22
G915DF-365 750 465 915 924 222 60 710 451 365 / / 20 / 18X24


Company Profile

Located in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Lingman Machinery Technology(Changzhou) Co.,Ltd. . is an enterprise focusing on R&D, production and sales of various pneumatic chucks, electric chucks. hydraulic chucks and other power chucks. With production equipment and innovative design capabilities, it can provide users with satisfactory service. It also can design and produce various types of machine tools, non-standard equipment, and special power fixtures and chucks for laser pipe cutting machines according to different users' needs. The company is based on technological innovation to provide every customer with suitable products, caring services, continuous technology research and development, fully implement quality management, continue to improve the service system, and look forward to winning new and old customers favor.
Looking forward to be your Chinese partner in chuck business!

Hot Selling  Main Chuck For Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Hot Selling  Main Chuck For Laser Tube Cutting Machine


Our Advantages

1.Full stroke design

2.Wide range of applications, diversification of processing profiles

3.High repetitive positioning accuracy
4. Low maintenance cost, long service life
5. multiple configurations are available



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